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Chris Gray is the CEO of Empire Property Portfolios which not only acts as a buyer's agent for investors, but also provides end-to-end service so you can build your investment property portfolio with ease.


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“Chris has an amazing ability to articulate in an easy-to-understand way the essential guidelines that are required to create wealth through property.”—Anthony Bell, CEO of award winning accounting and advisory firm, Bell Partners.

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Chris Gray | Property Expert | TV Presenter | Author | Speaker | Buyer's Agent


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“Chris is a professional and polished presenter displaying a strong understanding of his subject. He inspires his audience by showing them in easy to understand ways how they can address the many considerations associated with property investment.” 

John Horder, President, CPA Australia

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The best way to sell your property

When it comes time to sell your property, many people ask me “what is the best method?” Unfortunately, there is no ‘right’ answer. The best method will depend on:

  • Property type
  • The area that you are selling in
  • Your own temperament

As there is no set method or technique to selling your property, it pays to learn the ins and outs of each technique. Read on to see some hot tips and kick start the successful sale of your property…

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Smart Property Investment

Many people ask me about how I got to the point where I no longer had to go to work in an office because my properties were doing the earning for me. The answer entails a few elements, some of the most important including:

  • Don’t be intimidated by incurring debt
  • Make safe investments
  • Listen to the right people
  • Get independent property valuations

Download the recent article from Smart Property Investment to learn more about how I achieved property investment success and some tips on how to get started on creating your own property investment portfolio…


How to get repeat business from investors - Tips for real estate agents

If you are in real estate, it’s time you learned the value of experienced property investors as clients. Many real estate agents shy away from selling to property investors for fear that they will be too motivated on price and not willing to pay a premium for a quality property. Property investors provide a whole range of benefits including:

  • They are likely to have a network of professionals
  • They can minimise sales times
  • They are likely to give repeat business

Read my recent Real Estate Journal article to see some handy tips on the best way to sell your real estate to property investors…

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Use a Buyer’s agent to find the most profitable investment

Purchasing an investment property is no reason for you to try and juggle 2 jobs. A buyer’s agent is the best way to find the most profitable investment

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Why you need an Investment Property Manager

Managing your investment property is a full time job. Outsource to professionals who have it in THEIR best interests to benefit YOUR investment

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